BoredomStrikes is a positive space and destination for people looking for a streak of optimism in life and those seeking ways to turn boredom into a life-changing and enlightening experience.

Who We Are

We are just like you. People who get bored from time to time.

What We Do

We strike boredom in the face!

Because who says boredom has to be mind-numbing?

Not us. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to bring you back to Earth when boredom is numbing your mind by delivering fresh and engaging content.

Why We Do It

Because we want to.

Our goal is to share humorousheartening, and, at times, informative stories to spread happiness.

In the world dominated by Trump, hatred, aggression, and all things negative, let your boredom lead you to a happiermore optimistic life.

Welcome Back!

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